The SAGA of our new Mariner 10 HP Outboard

December 17, 2001 in Blogs, Equipment

The SAGA of our new Mariner 10 HP Outboard


We purchased a brand new Mariner 10hp outboard from Arisaig Marine in Arisaig, north of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, as our old Johnson 9.9 was proving to be unreliable. The people there were very co-operative, and when they realized none of their used outboards would be suitable for our purposes, and that the new 10hp Honda, for which they were dealers, was too heavy to mount on Sprite, our 270 Quicksilver inflatable dinghy, they arranged to get a 10hp Mariner for us. Then the problems started. Below is a chronological sequence of problems and delays experienced since purchase.

June 23, 2000 Arisaig Marine ordered a new Mariner 10 for us to be delivered in a few days.

June 27           We returned to Arisaig, but the motor had not arrived yet.

June 28           Motor arrived and was assembled, checked out and installed on Sprite. However, the petrol tank was not delivered with it. For some reason, it was delayed for several days. Arisaig Marine agreed to forward it to our next major port, Stornoway. We paid cash for the engine. The engine worked OK in the tank. It worked OK on Sprite, although I had a difficult time starting it when I had taken it out for a test ride. However, that difficulty seemed to be that the man overboard shutoff had been accidentally activated. I disconnected that system.

July 1              At anchor in South Rona, we noted difficulty in starting the engine.

July 2 Arrived in Stornoway. The tank had not yet arrived. Still experiencing major problems in starting the engine. (Having to pull on it for ten to fifteen minutes.) It would turn over, but not get enough fuel and would die out. The primer/idle speed knob did not seem to work, and the idle speed could not be increased.

July 4 The tank arrived in Stornoway. It was connected, but the starting problem was still present.

July 11            In Loch Valamus on Harris Island, difficulty in starting so great that taking the engine cowling off and advancing the throttle lever arm manually seems to be the only sure way of starting without exhausting myself pulling for twenty or thirty pulls. We considered returning the engine to Arisaig, but elected to keep it until we got to Inverkip  on the Clyde where there was a Mariner dealer.

July 27            Mechanic at Arthur Hall Marine at Kip Marina in Inverkip would not be available until next week.

July 31            We returned to Kip Marine.

Aug. 2  Mechanic assessed the engine and identified the problem as being a faulty moulding on the bracket that supports the enrichment device, part # 12803. He attempted to order the part.

Aug. 8  Received a letter from him indicating the part is not available in the UK, would take two to three weeks to be delivered, and advised us to try again at our next port of call.

Aug. 16            From Strangford Loch in Northern Ireland we phoned Yachthaven Marine in Bellasalla, Isle of Man, a Mariner dealer and service center, and Eddie indicated he would order the part for us, and it should be there when we arrive, about Aug. 20.

Aug. 21            Having arrived in Port St. Mary on Man the previous day, we called Yachthaven Marine to be told the part was not available in Britain, and would be a couple of weeks to order from Belgium. We left Isle of Man Aug. 23.

Aug. 24            While in Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales, Eddie phoned us on our mobile to say the part was in (at the Isle of Man, 50 miles away)! After phoning other Mariner dealers in Wales, we arranged for Eddie to send the part to Richard at Polymarine in Llandudno, and we would rendezvous at Menai Bridge by Aug. 29, after the Bank holiday, by which time it should be mailed and delivered to them.

Aug. 29            At Menai Bridge, when we called Polymarine the part had not arrived.

Sept. 2 The part had still not arrived and no assurances could be given as to when it would arrive. I was still having to take the cowling off every time in order to start the engine. It worked OK once it was started.

As we had no idea of what had become of the part that was supposedly forwarded from the Isle of Man, we called Marine and General Engineering in Vale, Guernsey, Channel Islands, and asked that the part be ordered immediately; we would be there in ten days, by which time they said the part should be there.

At anchor off Llanddwyn Island south of Menai Strait, I noted a difficulty in lifting the engine when landing on the sandy beach.

Sept. 8 At anchor off Williamson Pill up from Milford Haven, again noted difficulty in lifting engine on tidal flats. It would not stay in the raised position easily.

Sept. 12           At anchor in Porth Cressa Bay, off St Mary’s Island in the Scillies, again had problems with the lifting of the engine in heavy surf conditions!           It was a dangerous situation!

Sept. 15           Arrived St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, and called Marine and General Engineering in Vale to be informed the part was not in, but expected tomorrow, a Saturday; but they did not work on Saturdays.

Sept. 18           Called again, but the part not in. It was expected at Barrus Ltd., in England, by Sept. 19, and it would be forwarded ASAP.

Sept.  19          After 3 phone calls we finally contacted Steve at Marine and General Engineering, who indicated the part was held up in France and should be here in a few days. We indicated we would sail down to Jersey and Sark and return to Guernsey en route to Alderney.

Sept. 25           Having returned to Guernsey, after another 3 phone calls to Marine and General Engineering we were informed the part had not arrived in the morning post. It was supposedly shipped guaranteed 24 hour delivery on Friday Sept. 22 from Barrus.

We requested the engine be picked up and taken to their service center in anticipation of the part coming in that day, or the next (Sept. 26).

A representative picked up the motor and was informed of the starting problem, the defective part, and also the lifting/tilt problems experienced.

Sept. 26           Hallelujah! The engine came back finally repaired! The representative who delivered it explained the problem with the starting and with the lift/tilt mechanism which was also fixed. He then took me through a full checkout on the engine for starting procedures, adjustments when necessary of the idle settings, and other routine maintenance procedures.

However! – The engine had not been registered by the selling dealer (Arisaig Marine) according to the head office for the UK, Barrus, and the work done could not be covered under warranty until such registration has taken place. We paid the £79.27 and were advised to contact Arisaig Marine to have them register the motor, claim the warranty costs, and reimburse us our costs. We were happy to have it fixed and paid Marine and General Engineering that amount and will contact Arisaig Marine to complete the paper work.

We have a “Proof of Warranty” registration certificate stamped with “Mariner Outboards” for engine serial # OPO84211, and model # 7-7011201JB and date of sale for 28/06/00 as well as the receipt for £79.27 paid to Marine and General Engineering.



We have had constant problems in starting this brand new engine virtually from the day purchased, and including difficulties with the lifting/tilt device. We have experienced fantastic difficulties in arranging for a simple part to be delivered, with from four to ten days notice, to a variety of service centers resulting in delays totaling two months from the time of identification of the problem. We were at the point of demanding a new engine or a total refund and looking for a different make that would meet our needs for a live-aboard world cruising sailboat requiring a reliable outboard for all the anchoring and extensive dinghying in remote areas needed. At present (OCT.) the engine is performing satisfactorily, but we would like assurances that the engine has been duly registered, to be reimbursed for our expenses for this repair, and an explanation as to why a large modern organization such as Mariner could not get a part expeditiously forwarded to designated service centers with up to ten days notice.


Oct. 6/00 – The letter below was sent E-mail to Arisaig Marine, and the above account of problems was attached.

Rouen, France

Oct. 6, 2000

Dear Murdo,

As indicated in the account pasted below, we have had problems with the Mariner 10 we purchased from you on July 28. When we finally got it repaired, we were informed that the purchase had not been registered and the costs thus could not be covered under warranty. Would you look into this situation for us and ensure the registration has been duly registered, and that the work done is reimbursed under warranty to you, and then to us. I can fax to you a copy of the receipt for the work done which should have been covered under warranty.

I would like to inform the Mariner organization of the difficulties we have experienced. Could you get me an E-mail address of their headquarters so that I may send them a copy of this account. I have been very disappointed in their inability to expeditiously provide the necessary part.

We know you are not a Mariner dealer, and appreciate your obtaining the engine for us. Your assistance in obtaining warranty coverage will be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

I remain,

Yours truly,

Aubrey Millard

Oct. 30/00       – Received this E-mail from Arisaig.

Boatyard has been closed for 2 week holiday, just received your e mail and will look into the situation.  The company that supplied the outboard had assured me that  they would register the outboard on your behalf, i will contact them today to find out what has happened.



Oct.31/00 – Received this follow-up E-mail from Arisaig.

RE. Mariner O/B

I have heard back from the supplier today ,Forth Yacht Marina, they have checked the records and your Mariner 10 h.p. is definitely registered and they have a copy.  There advice was to contact Marine and General Engineering,  whom you purchased the spares from, again as they have to submit the warranty claim. If they have any problems they can contact Ivan at FYM Tel: 01324 665071.

On the day you collected the engine I completed the part of the warranty card that required your details , I then posted the card the same day to FYM so they could complete the dealership information and register your engine. FYM assure me that the engine is registered and they have the copy document.

I can only imagine that Marine and General Engineering have tried to make a claim using our name where as the warranty certificate is in your name as you are the registered owner.  I hope this helps clear up matters as you have obviously had enough inconvenience.  If I can be of any further help do not hesitate to contact me.  Please let me know how you get on.


S. Grant

Dec. 7/00 – Sent letter below to Marine and General Engineering on Guernsey with a copy of their invoice Job Sheet # 7342.

Dear Sirs,

Sorry, it’s me again. You repaired our Mariner 10 outboard on September 26, for a total cost of £79.27, which we paid by VISA. This was your job sheet #7342. You informed us that the warranty had not been registered, which was why we needed to pay, and advised us to contact the dealer for reimbursement.

We contacted Arisaig Marine, from whom we had purchased the motor. They contacted Forth Yacht Marine, the supplier, who confirmed that the motor is registered and they have a copy of the documentation.

Would you please resubmit the warranty claim, if necessary contacting Ivan at Forth Yacht Marine, tel. 01324 665 071, and arrange to credit our VISA account with the £79.27.

I regret the extra difficulty this is causing you , but the warranty should be valid.


Judy Millard


Jan. 27/01 – To date no reply has been received regarding this letter or the warranty work paid for by us. This warranty issue has dragged on to a ridiculous extent, even longer than the chasing down of the necessary part.

Feb. 28/01 – Still no response from Marine and General Engineering to our letter of Dec. 7, or credit to our VISA account. They have an address for us in Toronto, but nothing has been received there, or at our forwarding address in London of CA house, 1 Northey Street London E14 8BT. We are still cruising and to contact us on board use our E-mail address or our present mobile phone (while in Spain and the Balearics until mid March) at 34 650 157 481.