Our 16th anniversary!

July 4, 2014 in Blogs, Crusing

Port McNeil, B.C.
July 3, 2014
Hi Folks,
Today is our 16th anniversary of full time live aboard cruising! We left the Toronto Hydroplane and Sailing Club at 8:00 pm on July 3, 1998 in Veleda, for an overnight crossing of Lake Ontario to the Welland Canal, and are still cruising after over 54,418 nautical miles (plus the 4,000 miles Veleda did over land when, after we sailed from Honduras to Corpus Christie, Texas, we shipped Veleda across the continent to Bellingham, Washington last year). This is more than twice the circumference of Earth (21,600 nautical miles). In all that time, Veleda has been back to Toronto only once, in 2009/2010. From east to west, Veleda has been from the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine, and Cairo in Egypt, to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. From north to south she has been in Norway and Scotland (the Hebrides) in Europe and Trinidad and Venezuela in South America. Judy and I have travelled on cruise ships from Japan to Alaska and Vancouver, and from Santiago, Chile to Antarctica, the Falklands and Buenos Aries, Argentina. With our trailer we have travelled from Toronto to Inuvik in the Northwest Territory near the Arctic Ocean, and circumnavigated the USA from Vancouver, across Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan, through Ontario and the New England states to Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon and back through Washington.
We are grateful and thankful for our health and our ability to travel as we have.
Our future plans are uncertain, but we will continue cruising as long as possible. This winter we would like to settle down in one place doing some house sitting here in B.C. Next year and onward are up in the air. We may spend another summer sailing the B.C. coast or up to Alaska. We may sail down the west coast to the Baja Peninsula, and possibly through the Panama Canal for some more time in the Caribbean. We may sail across the Pacific to Japan, Micronesia, Australia and New Zealand. We may put Veleda on another flatbed truck from Bellingham, Washington and ship it to St. Louis where we could go down the Mississippi and Ten-Tom Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, or up the Illinois River to Chicago and back into the Great Lakes. Decisions, decisions!

We have to admit the B.C. coast is the most spectacular cruising area we have had the pleasure of exploring.