Log #56x Toronto Interlude

April 22, 2013 in Log Series 50-59, Logs by Series, Series 56, The Logs


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French Cay Harbour, Roatan, Honduras

April 22, 2013

Hi Folks,

We are still enjoying the tropical weather here in Roatan. We will be heading north to Mexico within a week. This log is a brief account of our time back in Toronto while Judy was dealing with the pinched nerve.

Our plans for shipping Veleda out west are coming together. It will be picked up in Port Aransas, Texas on May 28 and delivered to Bellingham, Washington on June 3. The following weekend we plan on attending a naval conference in Victoria and visiting friends there before returning to Bellingham to get Veleda ready for sea.

All the best,


PS: I have been updating my latest logs on my website www.veledaiv.ca with many additional pictures. These include Log #56f, Log #56g, and Log #56h as well as this one. Take a look at them.


Log #56x Toronto Interlude

French Cay Harbour, Roatan, Honduras

April 22, 2013

We spent eight weeks back in Toronto. We greatly appreciated Doug’s hospitality. The day after we arrived Toronto had the heaviest snowfall of the winter, closing airports and disrupting traffic. I loved it! I miss the winters in Canada. We have been south for so many years that I was looking forward to snow, and I got lots of it. There is a quiet beauty of a snowfall.  I went out for walks in it several times. Crossing a pedestrian bridge over Rosedale Valley Road, it was hard to believe I was in downtown Toronto (Incidentally, Toronto is now the fourth largest city in North America after Mexico, New York, and Los Angeles, just edging out Chicago.)

                                             Rosedale Valley Road

The road was covered in snow, the trees laden with fluffy white cotton, and the soft silence of the moment was sublime. I could enjoy it, especially as I did not have to drive through it or shovel it.

I went with Doug to help him measure his Nonsuch over on the Toronto Islands at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club one day shortly after the big snowfall. The ferry had to plow through ice much of the way across to Ward’s Island.


         Ice in front of the RCYC                                    Ice in front of the Toronto skyline

The yacht club docks sat silently above the frozen channels, with only a small amount of water showing where there were bubblers in service. A few paths were plowed by the staff around the covered boats.

          Frozen channel at RCYC


      Paths cleared in boat yard                                        Bubblers keep some water clear

On the way back to the ferry I took a picture of a group of skaters getting ready for a hockey game on the frozen channel of the Queen City Yacht Club. 


      Hockey game at Queen City Yacht Club                    Canada’s National Game

It was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy this winter wonderland. I was wishing I had brought cross-country skis to enjoy exploring these snow clad Toronto Islands.

Toronto Skyline across the frozen harbour from Ward’s Island

I made several slide show presentations to the Port Credit Yacht Club, not only about our sailing in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, but also on our cross Canada trailer trip out west up to Inuvik and Alaska. I gave the same trailer presentation to a few other sailing groups as well. I was able to get a good picture of the Port Credit Yacht Club while flying into Toronto.

    Port Credit Yacht Club from the air

We had the chance to see all of my family, and many cousins and relatives on Judy’s side as well. We had enjoyable get-togethers with a variety of old friends, several of whom came to my slide presentations. Travelling as much as we do, time to reconnect with friends and family is a highlight of our visits back.

While shopping we saw a frame for cooking beer can chicken, and bought one for Doug. It was quite successful. The chicken, patted down with some olive oil and variety of dry seasonings (thyme, rosemary, coriander, cilantro, and salt and pepper) is mounted on a frame that allows an open can of beer to sit inside the bird. (As the various recipes suggest, the can should be opened, and only half full after drinking the first half.)The base plate can then have additional liquids such as more beer, wine or pop, and additional spices, garlic, and lemon wedges. The unit fit inside the barbecue quite well. The result was delicious! (See attached pictures)


      The chicken fits in the Barbecue                            Ready for carving
Doug also realized that he already had a beer chicken mount, never used. Hey, let’s have a party and do two chickens! And so we did. Actually we had two parties, one for his sailing friends and another for some of his family. We experimented, using wine instead of beer.  We had a great time barbecuing five chickens in a one week period.


Doug with chickens ready for the Barbecue           Basting the chickens in the Barbecue

Before we left, I went up north of Barrie cross country skiing. It was my first time on skis for over 20 years. I was exhausted after just the one afternoon! But, it was great to get out in the snow and explore the winter white landscape in the woods around Horseshoe Valley.



Cross country ski trail                                                   Reforested pine forest



    Snow covered meadow                             Icicle on clubhouse roof

We used to live up in Northern Ontario west of Sudbury on the North Shore of Lake Huron. I was reminiscing about that period while skiing and driving up to Barrie.

By the time we left on March 30, all the snow had melted around Toronto, but I returned to the warm climate of Roatan with fond memories of my winter sojourn in Toronto.

Thanks Doug! Oh yes, and Judy is OK now as long as she keeps doing her exercises daily.