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Log #63o Tamarindo to Playa Curu, Costa Rica (11/15/2019) - Log #63o Tamarindo to Playa Curu, Costa Rica Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada July 5, 2019 Hi Folks, It has been a long time since I sent out my last log of our travels in Central America. Mea Culpa! As you can see from the date I started this Log #63o on May 5, when we
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Log #63n Treacherous Papagayos winds to Tamarindo (11/15/2019) - Log #63n Treacherous Papagayos winds to Tamarindo Elliot Lake, Ontario Canada May 1, 2019 Hi Folks, This log gets us down to Tamarindo in Costa Rica through the chaotic gale force winds called the Papagayos. There are three large stretches of the Pacific Central American coast through which gap winds ( the Tehuantepec, Fonseca, and
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Log #63m Bahia Huevos – an idyllic anchorage (11/15/2019) - Log #63m Bahia Huevos – an idyllic anchorage Quepos, Costa Rica March 21, 2019 Hi Folks, This log has some beautiful pictures of one of the best anchorages we have been in this year. Happiness is the isolation of a beautiful anchorage! We are still here, bobbing at anchor off Quepos for the third week,
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Living the Dream – A Comparison of Lifestyles (2/3/2016) - Living the Dream – A Comparison of Lifestyles of Liveaboard Life on a 32 foot Sailboat and Full Time in a 28 foot RV Judy and Aubrey Millard retired and sold their house in Toronto in 1998 and have been living full time in their Ontario 32 foot sailboat, or part time in the past
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Itinerary for Sept. to March 2015/2016 (10/11/2015) - Itinerary for Sept. to March Aubrey and Judy will put Veleda IV away for the winter on Thetis Island in the Gulf Islands of B.C. on Sept. 20th. They will then go to Vancouver where they will catch the Statendam, a Holland America Line cruise ship, for a 30 day cruise to Singapore, visiting several
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Where are they now?

Dec. 25, 2021

On March 30, 2019, Aubrey and Judy left Veleda IV in Bahia Del Sol in El Salvador on a mooring buoy off Bill and Jean’s island home in the Bahia to return to our home in Elliot Lake, Ontario. We returned Jan. 8, 2020 with the plans to sail by early February to Puerto Ponasco. We left Bahia Del Sol on Feb. 2nd and 2172 nautical miles later we arrived at Cabrales Boat Yard in Puerto Ponasco at the northern end of the Sea of Cortez on March 10 to be hauled out that afternoon.

Our plan was to have Veleda shipped by truck to Crowley’s Boat Yard in Chicago in Early May (that spring of 2020) from which we planned to sail it up to our home North Channel Yacht Club to enjoy Veleda in the quieter waters of the North Channel closer to home.

We prepped Veleda for the road trip, stripping everything off the upper deck, stepping the mast and dismantling the hard bimini (destroying it). We left Puerto Penasco on March 12 to drive to Phoenix and fly to Toronto to arrive March March 13. We had no problems going through Canadian customs and were not asked any questions about our health. However once we drove back to Elliot Lake, we then were aware that a pandemic was declared for something called Covid 19, and after a grocery shopping run, we self quarantined for two weeks as suggested (required?) and have entered the weird world of a Covid pandemic.

The borders were soon shut down and Veleda was not able to be shipped up that spring, or summer, or fall of 2020. So we hope for the spring of 2021, then the summer and then again hoping for a fall delivery, but the borders were not open for either shipping the boat or for us to enter the US to sail it up to Ontario.

Now (Dec. 2021) the Omicron variance is spreading like wild fire and new lock downs have been put in place, and we are stuck in Canada and the boat is still stuck in Mexico. We are again hoping to be able to have it shipped in early May (of 2022), and we be allowed to go down to Chicago to sail it up here for the late spring. I hope to update this in the summer of 2022 and indicate if the boat is up here at the North Channel Yacht Club, or still stuck in Mexico.